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Czech national dog breed

Chodsky dog Kennel - Breeding station for race Bohemian Shepherd ( Czech Sheepdog )

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The Bohemian shepherd as a great companion in the family
The unique non-conflict nature of Bohemian shepherds and their strong relationship to their owners makes them wonderful family dogs. They devoutly love all members of the household, including children and other pets and even dogs. Bohemian shepherds are easy to control, that is why they are suitable even for new dog owners and this attribute will also be appreciated by children who want to play with them. They are smaller than German shepherds, so children, women and elderly people are also able to control them well. Bohemian shepherds have a very sensitive soul, and they crave the closeness of their family.
They are intelligent and versatile. They guard their house and land very closely. The ideal environment for a Bohemian shepherd is a family house with a garden surrounded by a fence, a dog shed close to the house, which provides the possibility of free movement. It is beneficial to invite Bohemian shepherds to your home at least occasionally, because they suffer when they are to be alone for a long time. They can behave well in the house and their presence is very pleasant. If they are to be only outdoors, it is good to have at least one dog friend for them there.
Feeding Bohemian shepherds is usually not problematic. They gladly consume what they are given. However, the quality of feed is important, as is the case with all dog breeds. The care of a Bohemian shepherd's coat is also undemanding. It is not a breed which would require cutting their coat. It is usually enough to brush through the fur from time to time. Their coat has a self-cleaning capacity and bathing is needed once or twice a year.
Bohemian shepherds will gain the love of their owners, which they give back twofold. The presence of a Bohemian shepherd is like a medicine for the soul. And this is as good a reason as any to buy this Czech national breed.
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