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Czech national dog breed

Chodsky dog - Bohemian Shepherd - Czech Sheepdog - Bohemian Herder

The origin of the Bohemian shepherd breed
The origin of Bohemian shepherds dates back to the 13th century. The historical origin of the Bohemian shepherd breed was described already by the Czech writer Jindřich Šimon Baar, who wrote several historical novels on the region of Chodsko in the vicinity of Šumava mountain range on the Czech borders with Germany. In these works he portrayed the calm and very tough dogs that have patrolled the border paths of the Czech lands, helped with grazing cattle and guarded the property of their masters. The author J. A. Gabriel wrote about the people called "Psohlavci" (the Dogheaded) because in their banner they had a silhouette of a sheepdog with a longer fur on the neck. These dogs were also described by Czech author of historical novels Alois Jirásek in his novel Psohlavci (taking place in the 17th century).
The appearance of the Bohemian shepherd dogs
The Bohemian shepherd is a medium-sized dog of the sheepdog breed, with long black or metallic black coat with deep yellow features and rich undercoat. A Bohemian shepherd's ears have rich fur and at the root and at the edge they have developed bristles. The breed also has a longer fur on the nape, for example. The Bohemian shepherd has an oblong-shaped body that is harmoniously built. The body parts as a whole seem elegant and compact. With male Bohemian shepherds the height at the withers is usually between 52 and 55 cm, with females it is 49 to 52 cm. The optimum weight is between 18 and 25 kg.
Bohemian shepherds are skillful and practical
Bohemian shepherds excel in movement. They move lightly, freely and are agile. They run fast and manage moving through obstacles really well. They are also able to tackle different terrains, including rocks. Bohemian shepherds are endowed with a sensitive nose and handle smell-based tasks perfectly. Their sensitive ears accurately locate sounds. Thanks to their dense long coat they tolerate cold winter weather well and it is no problem for them to stay in the outdoor background all year round. At the same time, however, compared to many other breeds, Bohemian shepherds can also tolerate the warm summer weather well. Their coat does not require demanding care. It does not need cutting, yet it should be groomed from time to time. Bathing is needed only about twice a year, because a Bohemian shepherd's coat is self-cleaning.
Bohemian shepherds have a wonderful temperament
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It is in fact the temperament of Bohemian shepherds that is most valued. They are modest and undemanding dogs who love his masters and the whole family, including children and pets. The proximity of his people is important to them, they are simply members of the family. The character of Bohemian shepherds is not aggressive, they even like to be friendly with other people's dogs. When walking in the nature, it is not a problem to leave them without a leash because they like to stay close enough to their owners and they do not pose a danger to any passers-by. However, Bohemian shepherd dogs attentively guard behind the fence on their land. They can be sharp and offensive when their family or their property are at risk. They are agile and they reactions are reasonably rapid.
Bohemian shepherds are intelligent, controllable and very quick to learn. They are also able to train hard when led by positive motivation. They enthusiastically welcome most of the activities that their master offers them. But they can readily go over from activity to calm if they know their master needs it. In such case, they often lay down to be as close as possible and wait. Bohemian shepherds are not prone to destroying parts of the household. They recognize their toys and they prefer using them only with the help of their close ones or playing with them with a different dog. In a puppy age, they often have the ability to entertain their family very much. Bohemian shepherds are wonderful companions and great members of the family.
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Why buy a Bohemian shepherd puppy?
If you want to buy a dog, you also need to think about the living conditions that you can offer to them in your house and what kind of breed would be ideal for such conditions. If you need the dog to stay outdoors at any time of year and wait for you to come back from work, your dog should have great tolerance of cold.
The Bohemian shepherd has a thick, long coat, is resilient and is used to the cold. It is enough for this breed to have a thermally insulated doghouse next to your house with a garden that is surrounded by a fence. If you invite your dog to your home, it is even better because Bohemian shepherds love the closeness of their master and family. They keep a wary eye on the land and the house and they are great family dogs. When you walk through nature, you can safely leave your dog without a leash, as you don't have to worry about a Bohemian shepherd running away or get lost. They like running through meadows but they do not part from their master, whom they love dearly. Bohemian shepherds are not aggressive and do not hurt random passers-by or children and they are also friendly to other dogs.
What owners like about Bohemian shepherds
Bohemian shepherds is an undemanding, medium-sized dogs. They are not picky, so there is no problem with feeding. Indoors they will always find a calm place to lay down and relax. If a family member has time to play, they will accept any game or fun exercise with gratitude. For a dog delicacy they will learn even rolling on the ground. If a Bohemian shepherd fetches you something, they will put it in your hand so gently and perfectly that it will never slip out of your hand. Bohemian shepherds are cuddly and they never get tired of cuddling. Their strong relationship with their loved ones is very unique. They avoid conflicts with their close ones, visitors, in the public and even with other pets. However, they keep a close eye on the fence. They tend to be cheerful and playful in appropriate situations, so they often make their close ones very happy. Caring for Bohemian shepherds is easy. Their coat does not need cutting, it is self-cleaning, and it requires only occasional grooming with a comb. More brushing is needed when puppies are changing their coat, but compared to the grooming of German shepherds it is a walk in the park.
Bohemian shepherds are intelligent and are well trainable. A strong connection of Bohemian shepherds to their owners leads to their constant attention. That is why they can be trained without any cruelness just by using dog delicacies. They can easily learn obedience as well as tracking and other smell-based tasks and cynology (agility, dogdancing and other).  Continuing article

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